He was thankful that she shifted to his side because his wounded shoulder still hurt fiercely. The cast on his arm was strong and didn’t need such tender care. Steve felt bad about the letter the war department had sent her, causing her all that worry when he was still alive. Her explanation only cleared up how much she had worried about him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and held her body close to his as they kissed, making up for lost time. “How about we go sit inside and I’ll explain everything?”

Ellie was reluctant to have the kiss end, but offering a smile, she nodded before pulling away and picking up his duffle for him, slinging it over her shoulder, happy to carry it for him as she led him inside to the living room, “You go sit and I’ll make some coffee.” she told him, kissing his good shoulder and setting his bag down in a chair before going into the kitchen, returning a while later with the coffee just the way she knew he liked it.

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At first he noticed that she didn’t want to look up but when she finally did it seemed like the world stood still. He was finally home, she was here, and they would be together. She rushed out and hugged him around the neck. Steve inhaled sharply as she rattled his hurt shoulder but managed to chuckle as he hugged her with his good arm. 

"Hey there, Ellie." He rubbed her back gently as her tears started to soak into his uniform.

When Ellie noticed his casted arm, she adjusted her hold on him and wrapped her arms around his waist and huged him more from the side, still breaking down into full fledge crying out of pure relief that he was home and he was safe in her arms again, “The told me you were missing.” she whimpered through her tears and I thought you were another soldier come to tell me you were dead and I thought my world was about to shatter.” she rambled before pulling away to look up at him, “I’m so happy its exactly the opposite.” she grinned before pushing herself onto her tiptoes and kissing him desterately, passionately.

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Steve set his military duffle bag against the side of the house and took off his hat and placed it in his right hand as he prepared himself to knock. Despite how eager he’d been all this time to see her again, now he suddenly felt nervous. He raised his left fist and knocked on the door, hoping she was home. 

The knock came and it felt like a steel cloth was gripping her chest as Eilonwy stood, clutching her book to her chest and answered the door. Her eyes, at first, kept on the ground  before they lifted, only to find Steve looking back at her. For a moment, her breath stopped, her knees trembled a little and she dropped her book to hold onto the doorframe as she tried to figure out of any of this was real or not. 

"S-Steve?" she whimpered, tears starting down her face before she threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him for dear life.

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A little light hung over his head as he opened his eyes slowly. As he woke up his senses slowly started to filter back to him, letting him know that his shoulder ached fiercely. He groaned as he tried to sit up, but a nurse was by his side immediately making him lie down again. “Don’t think about it soldier. You’re here to stay for a little while.”

Steve tried to ask the nurse where he was but his mouth was too dry to get any words out. A doctor came into view and inspected his shoulder. “You’re lucky one of your men came in behind you or they wouldn’t have been able to stop the bleeding in time. You took a bullet to the shoulder and it hit you pretty hard, knocking you back some. Your arm broke your fall and you blacked out, according to the fella who came to your aid. Now you’ve got your shoulder patched up and your arm in a cast. You’ll be honorably discharged because of your wounds and you even get a medal for saving your team from that sniper. Congratulations kid, you’re going home.”

Steve couldn’t believe it. All that news was a lot to take in. First of all, he was glad he was alive, because he had thought he was a goner. But he was proud that he’d killed the sniper and even got a medal for it. Most importantly, he was done with the war because of these injuries and being sent home to Ellie. He couldn’t wait to see her. 

A few days later Steve was sent home by ship, unfortunately taking longer than a plane. He didn’t know how long it had been since he had written to her last, but to him it felt like ages. After those few days at sea he made it to New York and took a cab to the street where Ellie lived and chose to be dropped off a few houses down. All dressed up properly in his uniform, jacket hanging loosely over his shoulders since his right arm was in a cast and a sling, he carried his duffle bag over his left shoulder as he walked up to Ellie’s gate and walked up to her door, hoping to surprise her.

The weeks that went by waiting to hear more on what was going on with Steve was agonizing. Even the women at the factory realized that she hadn’t been acting right and made the general assumption that he’d been killed, though of course Ellie constantly insisted he was alive before going back to her work.

The day Steve came home, Ellie was sitting in the livingroom, reading. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a uniform and her first thought was that it was another telegram. Only this time it was one telling her that Steve was gone for good. She simply sat there for a moment, wondering if she ought to go to the door now or wait to see if the soldier knocked. The familiar dread of last time built itself back up in her chest as tears already built themselves up in her eyes, “God, please no…” she begged quietly.

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My character has extreme hypothermia and needs to stay awake or they’ll fall alseep and may never wake up! Send “Pulse” plus how you would keep my character’s adrenaline up!


thank you to anonymous and kid-on-the-bastion for making this meme possible!

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It had taken a while for Ellie’s letter to reach Steve in Europe, but when he finally got it he felt a sort of warmth wash over him as he read over her letter. A little piece of home was a comfort among all the rain, mud, and shooting going on around him. He kept the letter tucked in his shirt as the troops all made their way through a bombed out town in France. There wasn’t a sound but Steve kept his gun at the ready in case any Nazis popped up. 

There was a sudden  crack!that rang through the air and the soldier next to Steve fell to the ground. “Sniper!” One of the soldiers called, causing them all to scatter. Steve ran into a nearby building and headed up the stairs to see if he could get a good look around through a window to find the sniper himself. It didn’t take him long to spot the Nazi sniper shooting the Americans. Steve rested the nozzle of his rifle on the windowsill and squatted down to take aim. The Nazi had just found him when the two of them both fired at each other. It was the last thing Steve remembered before everything went dark. 

Every day that went past where she didn’t receive a letter always caused dread to pool into her chest. Every day that went by was like a chore as she dragged herself to work and worked long and hard, trying to make as much as she could before dragging herself home and working odd jobs as often as possible.

One day, after getting home from work and letting her hair down from its banana she used to keep it all up and out of her face, she went about her garden, watering her flowers, still dressed in her jumpsuit when she saw a man on a bike riding down the street. He was a known face around the neighborhood, he being the one every woman dreaded seeing; the man that brought the telegrams.

Eilonwt stood on her porch, quietly praying he’d pass her house as he neared. The closer he got, the slower he rode until he stopped at her gate and her heart stopped with it. A gloved hand reached into his satchel and pulled out a letter before he looked at her, “Miss Llyr?” he asked, butchering her last name a bit, but all the same, Ellie nodded and the ma entered the gate and approached her.

Tears gathered in her eyes and over flowered as her hand cupped over her mouth. The gloved hand offered the telegram and her thin, shaky one took it in her grasp as she soft whimper escaped her throat. Trembling, she tore the letter open and started reading it:

The Secretary of War desires me to express his deepest regret that your fiancee, Captain Steve Rogers, has been reported missing in action since fifteen September in France. If further details or other information is received you will be promptly notified

A glimmer of hope relieved some of the dread as she looked up at the carrier, shaking her head, “He’s not dead…h-he’s just missing. He could still be okay.” she told him firmly, as if trying to convinced both him and herself of that.

The man didn’t look some hopeful, but all the same, he offered a gentle nod before departing. Ellie stood there for a long time, reading and rereading the telegram before eventually breaking down crying, desperately wanting her love home more then anything now.

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Eilonwy and Taran… by SilverCatseyes

Eilonwy and Taran… by SilverCatseyes

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Hugh Jackman as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast on Broadwa




I tried not to reblog this but I couldn’t, not after you just made a Les Miserables, Rise of the Guardians and Wolverine reference.

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One Night Stand


"Really more psychology than sociology, though they aren’t particularly disparate disciplines," Charles explained, hands going to his pockets until they came to the cafe door, which he held open for her.


"There is a common link, although it’s really rather complicated," all his studies were interconnected with his Mutation. Either with understand what he heard from people’s minds or understanding how he and Raven had been picked out by evolution to be extraordinary. "Shall we find a table?"

Inside the little cafe was pleasantly warm in comparison with the chilled air outside, yet this unfortunately meant that several others had taken refuge inside and were nursing steaming cups of cocoa or tea. “I think perhaps we could nick that spot in the back?” It was only a table and single chair, which would hardly do. “I’ll see if anyone’s willing to part with a chair.”


Eilonwy stepped inside, the goosebumps on her arms and legs smoothing out a bit as the warm cafe air hit her skin. Gently, she pulled his jacket from her shoulders and folded it over her arm, looking around for a place to sit.

"Maybe one day, you can tell me more about it, yeah? I’m always down for learning something new. Especially things I’ve not read heavily into myself and what you like to study sounds rather fascinating." she smiled before nodding to the suggestion to find a table.

Meeting his gaze at the back table, Ellie’s eyes started wandering to find a spare chair, “That one looks available.” she pointed out to an older man drinking some coffee and reading the paper, “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

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When he boarded the ship he got one last look at her in the crowd of people waving goodbye to the soldiers. He waved back at her before entering the ship. While the ship made its way across the Atlantic he wrote his first letter to Ellie to pass the time.

My dearest Eilonwy,

I’m writing to you from the ship, already missing you. Can’t say that it’s anything as enjoyable as a cruise, but the other fellas who bunk around me are pretty easy going and fun to talk to. We’re all lookin’ forward to getting to Europe and showing Hitler how tough Americans are. I promise I’ll make you proud.



The moment that she knew Steve was out of sight with the rest of the men, Ellie let herself finally break down crying. The first few weeks without him were rough, but she eventually adjusted an kept her chin up.

My Believed Steve,

I know you’ll make me proud, I dont doubt that for a moment. I never could. Nothing much has changed on the homefront. Its actually surprisingly dull, but I’m finding ways to keep myself busy. I’m joining the other women in the factories and working to make home appliances. Its not exciting, but it pays okay. I’m hoping to save up for our home. I hope your making lots of friends to keep you amused while you’re there. Tell them hi for me.

Forever Yours,


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