Of The Isles || OPEN RP~~


Crutchie—well, Prince Robert really—limped forward on the slats of the dock, coming to a halt beside his older brother, Chris. He glanced up, trying to give his brother a cheeky little grin—but he wasn’t paying attention, simply staring out at the sea and the approaching ship. His brother was going to formally introduce the family—of which there were now two, because their parents had died.

He felt a lump form in his throat just at the mere thought. They had died just when he thought he was going to have everything. He had contracted another illness, though that one had been much more worrisome because he had listened to the rumors of the kingdom’s people that he was going to die—really. Didn’t they know he was made of tougher stuff?

Crutchie sighed, looking away. Chris was now the King, formerly the Crown Prince. And Crutchie was still a prince. Not that he really wanted to be a king, with all the matters Chris had to handle, but—he would like to be more than the object of derision and spite among the kingdom.

Not that he didn’t let all that get to him.

The Princess’s eyes fell on the King and the smaller man beside him. Judging from how he was dressed and what she’d been forced to memorize about the royal family here, she could only assume he was the Prince. When the Queen’s eyes fell on the duo, she smiled brightly and tapped at the small of Eilonwy’s back to make her stand straighter, which she did, before leading the young woman over to them, “Your Highnesses’.” the Queen smiled before curtsying respectfully. Eilonwy did the same, but she hardly looked pleased about it. Her eyes kept wandering around this new land that was so different from Prydain.

Ellie listened half-heartedly as she was introduced before a firm voice from the Queen of the Isles of Mora spoke her name and Ellie snapped back to reality, her manners rushing back into her head, “Oh! Forgive me.” she bowed her head softly to the King and Prince, “I’m Princess Eilonwy of the Royal House of Llyr.” she said in her thick accent before offering a crooked smile. Her blue eyes flicked to the Queen who looked at her sternly and Ellie rolled her eyes, remembering the rest of the proper greeting, “Its an honor to have been invited to your beautiful land.” she finished.

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Rest in peace, Mongo from Shrek 2. Your life was fleeting but you will never be forgotten.

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Unstable || Cerina & Ariel


Cerina had fallen asleep on the floor next to Ellie’s bed with her head propped against the side of the mattress. When she felt stirring, she jerked awake and blinked, trying to remember how she’d gotten in this room. When she turned and saw her friend awake, the brunette carefully got to her feet and smiled faintly.

"Hey," she cleared the tiredness from her throat and sat down. "You feeling okay, Ells?"

Ellie nodded groggily, the tranquilizer still trying to wear in her system, “Yeah….” she rubbed her fingers against her palms slightly, “My head hurts…how’d I get to bed?” she asked softly. The last thing she remembered was walking around outside.

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Unstable || Cerina & Ariel


Cerina nodded at the two and headed back inside, carrying Ellie up to her room and gently settling her on the bed before taking a seat on the edge of it. Sighing a little as she pulled a blanket over the sleeping girl, she smiled faintly in the dark and murmured, “Don’t worry, Ells. I’ll do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again. You just need to trust me and help me out, here.”

While they waited on Eilonwy to wake, Miss Grey brought Cerina Ellie’s medicine with instructions on what everything was for and why it was important before bidding her goodnight after a gentle shoulder pat and a wish of good luck.

Eilonwy slept hard for another hour or so before she stirred and woke again, looking around a bit confused, having blacked out most of the episode. Her head was pounding a little and she rubbed her sore eyes with her blanket before blue hues wandered around the room to try to figure out what had happened.

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"You seem troubled" 

"I’m fine…truly…"


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“Fake girlfriend because I’m visiting my parents for the holidays and they’re pressuring about a significant other” AU

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Of The Isles || OPEN RP~~


Ellie had climbed half way up the ratlines to get a better view of the port as the ship began to sail in. The young princess had never traveled to another country before outside of Prydain and, in all honestly, she was surprised when the Queen of the Isles of Mora invited her long on this trip along with Prince Ruhn, who apparently needed to discuss something with the current ruler. From what she understood, she had come to discover, the only reason shed been brought along was for match making purposes. Something Eilonwy certainly wasn’t happy about, but had no choice but to participate.

"Princess Eilonwy, get down from there at once before someone sees you! A Princess does not crawl about a ship like a cabin boy!" she heard the queen scold. With a roll of her eyes, Ellie abandoned the magnificent view and returned to the Queen as she began fussing over her wind blown hair and plain, silver circlet before forcing her back into her cabin to put on the rather uncomfortable, though nicer dress before they exited the ship.

When they arrived at the castle, Ellie didn’t look very amused in the slightest as she stood, slightly behind the Queen, her long  red hair over her shoulder as she shifted uncomfortably in her soft green dressed that felt like it was a million sizes too small. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed someone approach and turned to see who it was.

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