Hello, my name is Eilonwy, daughter of the late Queen Angharad, daughter of Regat, daughter of – oh, it’s such a bother going through all that. My ancestors are the Sea People. I am of the blood of Llyr Half-Speech, the Sea King. Are you a lord or a warrior?

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"Shut up!"
"Please, talk to me."
"I have no idea…"
"I know what this is!"
"Why did you do that?"
"How could you do this?"
"Let me do it!"
"Leave me alone."
"Don’t leave me."
"Kiss me."
"Don’t touch me."
"Why weren’t you there?"
"Why are you here?"
"What are you doing?"
"Don’t look!"
"Just look at it!"
"How did you get in here?"
"How did you escape?"
"Help me."
"I want to help you."
"You’re a monster!"
"You’re not a monster!"

Text Meme [Angst!]


  • [text]: I need you. 
  • [text]: Fuck you. I’m done. 
  • [text]: What’s going on?!
  • [text]: It keeps getting worse…
  • [text]: I need to talk to you. Please. 
  • [text]: I’m in so much pain right now.
  • [text]: I can’t take this anymore. 
  • [text]: I need you to call an ambulance.
  • [text]: Blood…there’s a lot of blood.
  • [text]: Meet me at the hospital ASAP. I’m sorry.  
  • [text]: We’re over.
  • [text]: Get out of my life.
  • [text]: Please don’t do this! 
  • [text]: We need to talk.  
  • [text]: I can’t see out of my right eye. [I’M SORRY I HAD TO]
  • [text]: (s)he hit me again.  
  • [text]: I can’t stop…
  • [text]: Three minutes and I’m dead. I love you.
  • [text]: Hey, got my test results back. Can you come over?
  • [text]: Call me when you get this message. 
  • [text]: Don’t make me do this.
  • [text]: Don’t you dare.
  • [text]: I always knew it would end like this.
  • [text]: I hate you!
  • [text]: I thought I could trust you.
  • [text]: Help me!
  • [text]: SEND HELP ASAP.
  • [text]: I wish you were dead. 
  • [text]: I wish I was dead.
  • [text]: I’m seeing things again.
  • [text]: I crashed into the tree on purpose.
  • [text]: s(he)’s dead because of me.
  • [text]: I think I’m pregnant.
  • [text]: I think I’m having a miscarriage. 
  • [text]: Please. You’re my only friend.
  • [text]: I can’t do it anymore! 
  • [text]: I can’t stop crying.
  • [text]: Please stay alive.

You find my character sprawled out in whatever they sleep in, passed out in your bed.



(angst meme) "What have you done?!"




—-     “I—I didn’t…" Oh, this was just great. He’d been so careful, but somehow he’d still managed to mess up. It wasn’t like it was the first time he’d accidentally set the forge on fire, but he’d really been hoping to avoid it after the last incident. 

     ”…It was an accident," he said lamely, staring helplessly at the flames.

—-     Thankfully, there was enough water nearby to put the fire out before it spread. Hiccup assisted some Viking men in dousing the flames, which didn’t take as long as it could have. In his mind, he was thinking of a way to make a system to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently (it was a much more common problem now that they had dragons as pets). 

     But this particular fire had been his fault. He should’ve known better than to make adjustments to Inferno inside the smithy. But in his defense, he hadn’t expected it to flare up like that.


     When the commotion had died down, he turned to the young girl with an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry you had to see that. This is your first time in Berk, isn’t it?

Eilonwy ran a hand through her bangs and nodded to the viking, her eyes still often straying off to look at the now dead fire, “Y-yes…it is…” she said, her Welsh accent thick on her tongue as she looked back to him, “My name is Eilonwy of Llyr.” the young woman told him, her hand resting on the hilt of her sword.




     ”What are you?”

Eilonwy raised a curious brow, “Is the expression not ‘who are you’?” the young woman asked in her thick Welsh accent.


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Help me say goodbye by Kittykatpaws


Help me say goodbye by Kittykatpaws


Merida walked out of the kitchen door, holding up her hand to the sunlight so she could see the rather beautiful day it was. She glanced over to see and unfamiliar face roaming around the castle walls. She furrowed her eyebrows together and walked over to her apple in hand, “Aye, lass, can I help ya with something?”

Eilonwy spun around to face the princess, “Um…yes…” she said in her thick Welsh accent as she rested her hand on the hilt of her sword at her hip, “I’ve found myself a bit lost…”


mendthebondmerida has found you

Eilonwy wandered around the castle, trying to figure out where exactly she was in this new workplace she had just been hired to. Though she was at the point that she was hopelessly lost, “Wonderful…” she muttered.


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"Oh captain, my captain."


DPS and a list of beautiful words? Oh yes.






“Saved by veterinarians SuperGatito

This kitten was born with deformed rib cage, which directly affected the position of his heart and triggered a series of breathing problems. In this situation, veterinarians put a splint on his chest and blindfolded him, it was then realized that the dressing resembled a superhero costume, hence the name Supergatito. 

Supergatito more like Iron Cat


we can rebuild him

we have the technology

Were it not for that Iron Cat picture I would be crying

Looks like iron man got a sidekick.