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toothless is so done with you hiccup

bless every scene where Hiccup is a complete dork and Toothless is like MY HEART CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH OF THIS HICCUP

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My muse is dancing alone. Your muse walks in on them. - What does your muse do? Laugh? Offer to dance too? Start beatboxing? Stay there, entranced?


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He tilted his head and considered the examples she gave, trying to figure out what Catch n’ Fire was, but he just pushed that thought to the back of his mind. “I’ve never been to Disneyland so I don’t know what the rides are like. But I’m sure the rides that kids are allowed on are completely safe.” 

"I’m doubting it." she sighed, running a hand through her hair as she starting wandering again, looking at all the fish, "What’s your favorite fish?" asked, wanting to get off the rollarcoaster topic

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"So… you’re leaving soon?"

As far as he was concerned, Dominic was meant to be alone. He never made any lasting human connections - even when someone did stay and allow him to grow attached, something always happened and he was always left alone. His entire existence was a mistake, just like any short term friendship he made. He wasn’t supposed to enjoy life. He was only arguably supposed to live. 

Typically, when Dominic was in mental hospitals, he didn’t speak much. He didn’t choose to talk to people, and because of that, he never grew too attached so anyone he could so easily lose. He didn’t know what had happened this time, but he’d allowed himself a friend, and now they were apparently well enough to leave soon. Perhaps he should be happy for them, but he couldn’t feel it. 



"If I dont have anymore fits, my aunt wants to take me home." she explained in her thick, Welsh accent, hugging her knees to her chest were she sat in her chair. Tired, bright blue eyes lifted up to talk to him. Ellie didn’t talk to anyone when she had first arrived unless she as having a fit, even then she would just scream at people in her mother tongue and no one could understand her. 

Though once she had gotten comfortable, she had met Dominic, she started talking to him and he was the only one she’d talk to. No nurses or therapists or doctors could get anything out of her, not a word.

In all honesty, she didn’t want to go home. At least here, sh was safe from herself and safe from her aunt. When they sent her home, she would be back at the mercy of her aunt’s abuse and there would be no one to help her.

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My character has been committed to an asylum. Send me ☤ for their reaction to yours visiting them.


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Reblog this if it’s okay for me to reblog starters of yours without GIFs.
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One Night Stand


"Quite the jack of all trades, as they say," he said kindly. That wasn’t something he saw as dull. The opposite actually. Daily, he was surrounded by lecture halls and protegees, a sliver of reality was refreshing. Besides, he could see more to a person than simply what they did for a living. Everyone was a collection of their hope and dreams, pasts and memories. And that, to him, was a thing of grand beauty. Individuality.

"Certainly more varied than my daily routine, I’ve been in university since I saw sixteen. Fourteen year track, three majors headed towards a doctorate, which rather means I’m stuck with that routine for quite a while longer."

she smiled shyly and nodded, “Most defiantly.” she agreed. As he went into his education, she couldn’t help but envy him. Eilonwy had always wanted a higher education, but she simply didn’t have that sort of money and would never in a thousand years, be able to pay the loans she would need off.

"I would do anything to be able to go to University." she told him, "I think if I could do anything, I’d go to become a linguist, then become an anthropologist. I love language and I love learning about the culture the language comes from in the process. My aunt taught me to speak five different languages growing up and then I’ve taught myself three. Right now I’m working on my English still since I stumble over words once and a while, but I’m also working on Russian, then Korean, Japanese and Mandarin. I’ve yet to learn any Eastern languages." she explained.

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If you are underage do not under any circumstances try to rp smut with me. I refuse to go to jail for anyone let alone a 15 year old. It’s all well in good if you’re okay with it, but I am not, so please respect that. 

If our thread evolves into something potentially nsfw we can do a time skip and go to the next morning, but i will not actually partake in a smut rp with anyone under the age of 18. It’s just not happening. Don’t like, unfollow

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Your muse just walked in on mine holding a newborn baby. How does yours react?


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